Surfing Lessons

Awesome surf lessons for beginners and advanced surfers

Surf lessons are so popular that they are even included into our list of hotel services so you can book it in advance and enjoy when the waves are ready any time after you arrive!We have a special surf club with pro teachers. The surf in Oceanica caters to the beginners and advanced surfers as well as the intermediate and sometimes pro urfers.  Florida’s year round warm surf waters are an excellent location for learning how to surf. Our storm swells can challenge veteran surfers and our calm days are perfect for stand-up paddle surf in Oceanica.

Provides awesome surf lessons to individuals, families or groups looking to learn this beautiful gift of the Ocean known as surfing. Moreover, we also provide lots of rentals and for summer surf camps, after school surfing programs and more. So even those who are interesting in surfing and live nearby can join our club.

You’ll enjoy the lessons and will be the fun of this activity always onward!