Forgot to book a city tour? We can help!

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If you are traveling in business and don’t have your special plan of exploring the city, you still can have those amazing tours provided by our hotel! It means: transfer is easier, you save lots of time! And the biggest perk – you save much more money as we partner up with local travel companies and have great bonuses from them.

Another attractive point is that you are not obligated to book a tour beforehand – you can even choose from the currently existing ones or join one of the travel groups. All you need to do is to let our managers know that you want to join and get updates whether they are any places in city tours.

We also promise not to give you a trivial tour – this will be something special. Just like your trip!

Summer discounts for all our villas!

Wonderful discount for itchy-feet folks from around the world! You may get a wonderful time in our villas, but with a huge discount if you are here at a right time?

How to apply and choose your best room rate during holiday, vacation and other dates? Get our interactive rates plan right into your inbox each month and always stay tuned to the best prices and the most exciting events.
Among our current summer deals are 2 free city tours for those who booked a luxury apartments for 6 days or more! There are just 2 villas left, so make sure not to miss your chance!

Villas with best offers for long vacations

We listen to our guests and always want to serve their needs the best. If you have a special request, this is exactly the time to tell us about it! Spa, massage, fitness center? Our special managers will listen to each feedback! Let your voice be heard!

We want to research the top needs of our guests and improve the overall experience of being in our hotel. Some top answers we already have are as follows: building a recreation zone, more programs of weekends getaways, and spa services.

We hope you’ll help us to make this list longer and are looking forward to your ideas!

Good choice of villas for events and venues

Despite awesome rooms and villas, we take a good care of providing you with more options to have rest and do business while you travel or if it’s your city! All conference facilities have day light, built in air conditioning, and the most modern technical equipment. Our sales department is at your disposal at any time.

2 villas feature 6 flexible and functional meeting rooms, modern AV equipment, courteous and professional staff and our famous gourmet breaks during all sorts of business events.

We can decorate the hall to be the best place for your meetings and events – more or less formal ones.

Our villas offer small meeting rooms to large banquet sized conference rooms! Book conference venues or meeting venues quickly by phone or send us an email.